Bob Cassilly’s City Museum at St. Louis is Alice-in-Wonderland, down-the-rabbit-hole surreal, going against the logical patterns and enforced pauses that define the ordered grid of a city. Read More

Junk Yard + Jungle Gym: Visiting The City Museum in St. Louis Missouri

If you gave Dr. Seuss and M.C. Escher free reign over an old shoe factory and told them to build the world’s craziest jungle gym, you’d get the City Museum in St. Louis Missouri. Read More

City Museum in St. Louis Features Art You Have to Touch - and Climb On

It may very well be the world's largest jungle gym. Located at 750 North 16 St. in downtown St. Louis, City Museum is not so much a museum as it is a massive playground - for kids of all ages. Read More

Hey Heidi: The hippo high atop Wash. Ave.

It's something you may not have ever noticed: a hippo sitting high atop Washington Avenue! But Emily Dittmer did, and she wonders about it every time she walks by. Read More

ROADTRIPPERS - St. Louis City Museum

City Museum is a museum, consisting largely of repurposed architectural and industrial objects, housed in the former International Shoe building in the Washington Avenue Loft District of St. Louis, Missouri. Read More