San Francisco's New Exploratorium, Plus 5 Other Creative Museums

Nearly everything in the City Museum has been designed to stir the imagination, from the Enchanted Caves, a labyrinth of tunnels filled with the faces of strange creatures and a glowing crystal, to MonstroCity, an inventive four-story playground. Read More

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11 Awesomely Unexpected Things in St. Louis's City Museum Read More

The City Museum: St. Louis' Happy Mutant wonderland

At one point — I think it was about halfway through climbing the twisting warren of dark staircases and pipe organ parts that leads to the top of the 10-story slide — I turned to my husband and asked, incredulous, "Why the hell wasn't this place in American Gods?" Read More

St. Louis’s Wondrous City Museum

The Gateway City is home to one of the nation’s most spectacular, singular museums: a childlike maze of metal, water, and stone, the vision of a sculptor and contractor who finally got to combine his two gifts. Read More


Fifteen years ago, City Museum debuted to big crowds dazzled by its magical mishmash of architectural relics, pop culture ephemera, carved critters and secret passageways. Read More