Bob Cassilly, Playscape Creator Fueled by Whimsy, Dies at 61

In his native St. Louis he built a children’s paradise of tree houses, caves, slides and odd treasures he found and called it City Museum. It became a leading tourist attraction. Read More

Adventure in St. Louis

In 1995, artist Bob Cassilly set out to create an all-ages funhouse by showcasing quirky objects he found around the city. Read More

City Museum in St. Louis: A One of a Kind Experience

On vacation, my favorite things are the things I can’t do at home. I'm always on the prowl for something unique and one of a kind. If there was ever an Olympics for Unique Attractions, the City Museum would definitely take Gold! Read More

St. Louis’ City Museum not just for kids

Intertwining tree branches, dark damp caves and a metal jungle of scrap parts, including a school bus and two airplanes, take shape at St. Louis’ City Museum... Read More

Spirit of St. Louis

A recent trip to St. Louis to talk to a group of students about the "alternative art movement" -- I modestly cast myself as an emblematic figure in the transition from the artist-run nonprofit spaces of the 1970s through... Read More