Spirit of St. Louis

A recent trip to St. Louis to talk to a group of students about the "alternative art movement" -- I modestly cast myself as an emblematic figure in the transition from the artist-run nonprofit spaces of the 1970s through... Read More

The International Design Magazine - MO Town Artist

Bob Cassilly built St. Louis's City Museum from the very stuff of the city. Named for maximum generic effect, the museum is privately owned (half by Cassilly, who serves as creative director) and has no legal connection to local governance. Read More

Honors and Awards Presented to City Museum and Bob & Gail Cassilly

Review a list of awards and honors to the City Museum and Bob & Gail Cassilly. Read More

Creature Features

AN ASPIRING SCULPTOR WAS ADMIRING MICHELANGELO’S Pietà in Rome’s St. Peter’s Basilica in 1972 when a hammer-wielding maniac began raining blows on the sublime sculpture of the Virgin Mary cradling the dead Christ. Read More