The "Under the sea: the new St. Louis aquarium is making a splash."

If you thought the literal and proverbial train left St. Louis Union Station decades ago, your mind may be changed by several thousand fish, a few otters and a single giant Pacific octopus. Read More

Webster University Online: "Carter Leads Music for Circus Harmony, Tickets Available."

The top-level kids from ages eight to 20 put on a full-length circus show with a live band every January. Read More

NPR KCUR 89.3 by CJ Janovy, Laura Spencer, and Julie Denesha: "With millions of dollars on the line, stakes are high for

The KCUR news staff presents the State of Kansas City series as a look ahead to 2020 on topics of importance to the region. Read More

The West End Word by Julie Brown Patton: "Circus Harmony Presents Fluente: An Underseas Circus Adventure."

Six shows will be performed Jan. 18, 19, 25 and 26 – all at City Museum, 701 N. 15th St. Read More

WLDS Radio Online by Jeremy Coumbes: "St. Louis City Museum to hold sensory-friendly day Sunday."

The St. Louis City Museum is offering a special event this Sunday for those who might not be able to fully enjoy the attractions on busy and bustling days. Read More