Forget Paris, Visit St. Louis’ Many Attractions

Posted by David Linzee on 07/24/2019

I believe it. In May, I was in the Greek Isles. This was pre-season, when one used to be able to beat the crowds. Not anymore. In the blue-domed white seaside village of Oia (you’ve seen it in movies and postcards, even if you haven’t been there) the narrow streets were so packed I could hardly move. Ill-tempered people jostled each other, trying to take pictures of the scenery other tourists were blocking.

Travel, the world’s biggest industry, has become too efficient in exploiting its product. Airlines keep base fares low by breaking out every comfort and charging extra for it. Airbnb enables landlords to turn whole neighborhoods of apartment buildings into unofficial hotels. Cruise ships dump thousands of passengers at the same time into choice locales.

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