San Francisco's New Exploratorium, Plus 5 Other Creative Museums

Posted by Leslie Garisto Pfaff on 11/01/2013

The granddaddy of interactive science centers -- San Francisco's Exploratorium -- gets a major makeover. Plus, five other awesomely inspiring museums.

Entering the exhibit hall of the new Exploratorium, we're greeted by a sight that gives us all pause: two water fountains, one standard issue, the other a toilet fitted with a drinking spout. "Eeew," says my friend Kristine's 12-year-old daughter, Lyndsey, echoing my inner (creeped-out) reaction. Her 9-year-old brother, though, has a different response. Philip heads straight for the toilet-fountain, flashes a mischievous smile, and takes a good, long drink. It's the perfect introduction to a place whose mission is to spark creative thinking and force you to cast off preconceptions.


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