Welcome to City Museum, an eccentric, immersive wonderland where fact and fiction are one and the same.

Posted by Anna Hider on 07/11/2019

One minute you could be inside a gorgeous sculpture of a giant whale; the next you’re crawling through a cave. You might start off in a treehouse, hop down a slide, and wind up in a massive, adult-sized ball pit. Or you can be admiring a room full of priceless opera posters and accidentally wander into an aquarium.

In an attempt to understand the enigma that is City Museum, I set up an interview and tour with Richard Callow. Callow is listed as the media contact on City Museum’s website, but he’s more like the story keeper of the place, and has been since the founder—famed sculptor and artist Bob Cassilly—died in an accident in 2011.

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Originally Published on roadtrippers.com by Anna Hider