With 'Creative Force,' A Huge Children's Book Museum Is Taking Shape In North Kansas City

Posted by LAURA SPENCER on 07/27/2019

Past the two-story front door, limestone steps will lead down into the burrow of a magical creature named Fox Rabbit. 

"What we want to create is an environment where it is a suspension of disbelief, a magical space, and a beautiful space," says Debbie Pettid, who started the non-profit organization with her husband, Pete Cowdin. "And one that is really accessible."

In 2018, the Rabbit Hole bought a 165,000-square foot warehouse in North Kansas City, just north of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

With more than half of their $12 million budget raised, staff has moved in, a fabrication shop is complete, and they're embarking on a second phase of construction this month. Plans call for activating the basement, first and second floors, in time for opening.

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Originally published on kcur.org by Laura Spencer