CM Stories


Make art. Go on a guided tour. DIY a time capsule. Peek behind the scenes. Watch The Cassilly Crew at work.  Help us inspect the slides.

All from home.

Every Monday through Friday, our staff, crew, artists, and historians are going LIVE on Facebook to share stories, offer free art classes, and entertain you in all the ways we know how (read: mischief, mayhem, and making). Whether you're homeschooling your little ones or looking for something to do yourself, we hope you'll tune in. Leave a comment while you're there. It will make us smile. 

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11AM: Art City Live with Angela

11AM: Art City Live with Angela
4PM: Up in the Air with Circus Harmony

11AM: Art City Live with Angela

11AM: Art City Live with Angela

11AM: Art City Live with Angela
4PM: Up in the Air with Circus Harmony


3/19 Mini Cactus

3/19 Honeycomb Jar

3/23 Mondays are For the Fishes

3/24 Let's Use a Key Please

3/25 Space and Beyond

3/26 Cardboard Creatures

3/30 3D Wall Art

3/31 Let's Catch Dreams

4/1 Let's Get Wound Up

4/2 Critters Take Over

4/2 Re-Purposed Book

4/6 Butterfly Suncatcher 

4/7 Printmaking Made Easy

4/8 Fish Sticks?

4/9 It's a Hoppy Spring Day

4/9 A Simple Sew

4/13 Come Sail with Me

4/15 When They Roamed 

4/16 A Weaving We Will Go

4/20 Paperiffic

4/21 Let's Make Animals

4/22 Sweet Treaties

4/23 Let's Get Jelly

4/23 Ripped Up

4/27 Foil Tooling

4/28 The Ladies of the Sea

4/29 What's Buggin George

4/30 I'm a Fan of City Museum

4/30 Decorate String a Thing

5/4 Noodle Bots

5/5 Flowers Ep 1

5/6 Flowers Ep 2

5/7 Flowers Ep 3

5/11 Let's Make Stickers

5/12 Let's Make Stuff to Put Stuff In

5/13 Cardboard Rawarr

5/14 Get Framed

5/14 Plastic Necklace

5/18 Let's Fly

5/19 A Little Message

5/20 How to Easy Stamps

5/21 Let's Make Color

5/26 Boxed In

5/27 Feather Fun

5/28 Twirling Whirl

5/28 Bee Sweet

6/1 Money Bags

6/2 Whirly Spin

6/3 Pupeteer

6/4 What? Parachuting?

6/8 It's a Fishing Cup

6/9 A Little Note

6/10 To the Moon

6/11 Make it Rain

6/11 Decorative Wall Art

6/15 On the Rocks

6/16 Flutter Away

6/17 Flashlights On

6/18 It's Here, It's not Here

6/18 Fiber Art Rainbow

6/22 Click Clack

6/23 Go Fish

6/24 Prints Galore

6/25 Get Flakey

6/25 Totes


3/19 Hanging Out in the Artquarium 

3/24 Ceej Walks Harper

3/26 Sliding with CEEJ: Rooftop

5/19 Up in the Air with Circus Harmony

5/19 Episode 2

6/9 Episode 3

6/16 Episode 4

6/23 Episode 5


3/20 Sliding with CEEJ

3/27 Swimming with the Fishes

4/3 The Bug Room with Ceej and George

4/10 The Bug Room Part 2

4/17 DJ Organ Pipe

4/24 Swimming with the Fishes Again

5/1 DJ Organ Pipe Playing the Hits

5/8 DJ Organ Pipe Playing the Hits!

5/15 Hornets and Nature Books

5/22 CJ DJ Organ Pipe


3/20 Famous Barr

3/23 Cassilly and Cassilly

3/25 Inspired By...

3/27 Bagnell Dam

3/30 Playboy Logo

4/1 City Museum "Bricks"

4/3 From the Archives

4/6 Albers Album Covers

4/8 No Straight Lines

4/10 From the Archives Ep 2 Part I

4/10 From the Archives Ep 2 Part II

4/13 Big Boy

4/15 Natural Light Whenever Possible

4/17 From the Archives Ep 3

4/20 Stories With Mark

4/22 No Dead Ends

4/24 From the Archives Ep 4

4/27 From the T-Shirt Vault

4/29 Repetition

5/1 From the Archives Ep 5

5/4 Live from the 7th Floor

5/6 Posterama

5/8 From the Archives Ep 6

5/11 STL Concert Experiences

5/13 Always Building

5/15 From the Archives Ep 7

5/18 From the T-Shirt Vault Ep 2

5/20 A Wulritzer and Windows Wednesday

5/22 From the Archives Ep 8

5/25 Memorial Day Edition

5/27 Interview with Ann Johnson

5/28 From the Archives Ep 9

6/8 Spaceman Live

6/10 Revisiting the 7th Floor

6/12 Architecture Museum-Behind the Scenes

6/15 Monsters and Slides

6/17 4th Floor Maze

6/19 Behind the Scenes: The Garage

6/24 Behind the Scenes: 10th Floor