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Spooky sights and thrills await you during Fright at the Museum.



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I have a Gold Member Pass – can I use the Rooftop admission for Rooftop events?
For special events like City Nights, Member Passes are not valid. Check the Events page for clarification on Rooftop special events if Gold Member Passes are accepted.

Are there any coupons or discounts available?

There are no discounts available at this time. But Members get Member perks which include freebies and more. Learn more about becoming a member.

When can my Member Pass be used?
All Member Passes are valid during normal business operations and may not be used for some Special Events. Check the Events page for clarification if Member Passes are accepted for each event.

What are your hours?   

Hours vary throughout the year. View our hours for more information. 

Are there maps?

We don’t have printed maps because we encourage guests to create their own path and find things as they go, but if you really need one you can find it see it here.

Is the Circus closed?   

The Circus is now open! Please check the screen in the lobby for daily Circus times. Circus times are subject to change.  

Can I bring in outside food or drink?  

Outside food or drink is not permitted in the museum. Water bottles are allowed but we encourage guests to bring as little with them as possible. There are also lots of kiosks that sell food and drink in the museum.

Is the museum ADA accessible? 

We have several elevators, rampways, and ADA exits and entrances that are accessible upon request. Simply find a staffer in an orange shirt and they’d be happy to help. 

Is coat check available?  

We offer lockers for $8, but you can also keep items in your car and come back in (just keep your wristband(s) on). 

Can I exit and re-enter?  

Yes, be sure to keep your wristband(s) on.

Are there lockers available?

Yes, lockers can be purchased for a daily rental fee of $8. Guests will receive a code to be used throughout their stay. Lockers can be found in the Main Lobby on the 1st floor and on the 3rd floor by Pinball Hall.

Are the ball pits open in Toddler Town?  

All the ball pits are open in Toddler Town on the Third Floor. 

Do you accept cash in the museum?

We currently do not accept cash, but we do accept electronic payments such as debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Learn more about our transition to cash-free technology by checking out our Policies.

I purchased Rooftop admission at the gate but the rooftop has been closed. 

The Rooftop is only open weather permitting, and unfortunately we do not offer refunds of any kind. Click here to learn more about our Rooftop Weather Guarantee.

How do I purchase Rooftop admission?

Rooftop admission will be available for purchase only in the museum. 

When will the rooftop open?  

The Rooftop is open March-October. 

Do you offer group tickets?  

Group tickets can be purchased online. To reserve a nonprofit group, email 

Do you offer tours?

We’re now offering a one-hour guided walking tour focusing on the history of City Museum. The tours will be offered on Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 1pm. Learn more about tours.

How do I take a tour?

They are $7 plus tax and must be purchased in addition to general admission — they cannot be purchased alone. They are only good for their selected day and time. 

Where do tours meet?

Tours will meet in the cabin on the first floor. 

Can I have event info or schedule an events tour?

Book your wedding, company outing or other event by emailing

What food and beverages will be available?  

Boone’s Cabin Inn, Lizard Lounge and Guard Dogs are open for business! Learn more about food and beverage options.  

Can I pay with cash?

Retail, food and beverage kiosks do not accept cash. We currently accept electronic payments such as debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. Learn more about our transition to cash-free technology by checking out our Policies.

I would like to make a donation, how do I do that?  

Feel free to email with images of the items you’d like to donate and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

I’m interested in collaborating with City Museum!  

Feel free to email with your proposed collaboration and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Are you hiring?   

We are hiring! Visit our Jobs page for more info or send your resume to

Transitioning to Smoother & Safer In-Museum Operations With Free Cash to Card Services

The most important part of your experience with us at City Museum is ensuring you have a great experience! That’s why we are transitioning to a smoother, safer process for making payments during your visit. Beginning March 31, 2023 we will accept only electronic payments such as debit cards, credit cards, and mobile payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. All you have to do is swipe or tap to pay at any ticket window, concessions areas, or gift shops,  – no digging for change to pay or waiting for cash back from our staff. Moving to a fully electronic payment system will streamline the payment process for both Guests and Team Members, making paying for everything from tickets to sweet treats safer, simpler, and more secure. 

Only have cash?

You’re still covered! Guests will have free access to 2 easy-to-use Cash to Card Kiosks conveniently located on the first floor in the lobby and the third floor past the City Circus. You can transfer your cash free of charge onto a card, use it throughout the museum, and if you have money left over, use it anywhere else that cards are accepted.

Still have questions? Check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions below.

What Do I Do if the Kiosk Takes My Money but Does Not Provide a Card?

First, please be sure to take the receipt issued during your transaction at the Cash to Card Kiosk. This will list the amount of cash you deposited. Then, head to the nearest Gift Shop. The ArtiFacts Gift Shop is on the third floor by our main staircase and the first floor gift shop is located in the lobby on our first floor.  A Team Member will work with the card provider to resolve the error as quickly as possible so you can get back to fun! 

What if I Overdraw/Don’t Have Enough Money on the Card for My Purchase?

There are no penalties or fees if you attempt to make a purchase that is larger than the amount of funds on the card. You will need to provide another form of payment to complete the transaction or load additional money onto a new card. 

Why Are You No Longer Accepting Cash for Payment?

By transitioning to only accepting electronic payments such as debit cards, credit cards, and mobile methods like Apple Pay, City Museum will provide a faster, safer and more guest-friendly experience. Staff will spend less time handling cash and more time serving Guests, reducing our reliance on this less secure method of payment. 

Can I Add Additional Cash to My Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards cannot be reloaded. Instead, get a new prepaid card free of charge at one of the two Cash to Card kiosks. 

What Types of Payment Does City Museum Accept?

Beginning March 31, City Museum will solely accept electronic payments. These include all major credit and debit card providers (Visa, MasterCard, Amex,and Discover) and secure mobile payment systems (Apple Pay, Google/Android Pay, Samsung Pay). We do not accept cash, however, Guests can transfer cash onto a prepaid card through a simple and safe process at several Cash to Card kiosks located throughout City Museum. 

Where Can I Use the Prepaid Card?

The card can be used anywhere payments are made throughout City Museum. Outside of the museum, it can be used at any location that accepts credit or debit cards. 

Do You Accept Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies?

No, cryptocurrencies will not be accepted at the museum. 

How Do I Load My Cash Onto a Prepaid Card?

City Museum guests can transfer anywhere from $1 to $500 onto a prepaid card at kiosks located in the museum. This transfer process is free, and the card can be used throughout the museum and any outside locations where credit or debit cards are accepted. 

Is There a Fee To Use the Cash to Card Kiosks and Prepaid Cards?

The Cash to Card Kiosks are free to use; there is no fee to load cash onto the prepaid card. If the card is used regularly, there is no recurring fee. After 92 consecutive days of no transaction activity, however, a $3.95 fee will be charged each month. 

What Information Do I Need To Provide To Use the Cash to Card Kiosks?

None! Use of the kiosks is anonymous, helping make the cards provided among the most secure forms of payment possible. 

How Do I Check the Balance on My Prepaid Card?

There are several ways to check your balance. First, you can swipe the card and see the balance at any Cash to Card Kiosk at City Museum. You can also visit or call the number listed on the back of each card.

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