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See City Museum like never before.

How did a pterodactyl end up in the ceiling?

You asked, and we’ve got answers⁠ — and some unconventional tales, too. Learn about the lives and materials that helped shape one of the most unique and eccentric museums in the world through a guided tour of the ever-evolving City Museum.

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Meet your guide.

Archivist and Tours Manager Maria Cassilly has been with the museum since 2006. With her extensive knowledge of museum history and her background in art and library science, she has curated a one-of-a-kind tour experience.

Tale of One City

One-Hour Guided Walking Tour

Add a tour to your ticket or membership for $7 per person.

Take a deep dive into how we got here. Explore the surreal environments created inside our 1930’s shoe warehouse and discover the stories that built us.

Tours are offered the first Saturdays of every month at 1:00pm. 

Tour prices are in addition to General Admission. Add a tour to your ticket or membership for $7 per person. After clicking checkout in your cart, and you will be prompted to choose a date and time to book your tour. Limit 15 people per tour.

Private Tours

Customize Your Tour

Add a tour to your special event or schedule an after-hours experience.

Custom tours, presentations and sneak peeks are now available. Contact us for more information about booking your tour.

Schedule your private tour. Email

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