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Spooky sights and thrills await you during Fright at the Museum.

Fright at the Museum


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Fright at the Museum

September 29 October 28

Welcome to Fright at the Museum!

Step into a world of spine-tingling wonder at our one-of-a-kind event: Fright at the Museum! Prepare to be amazed, mystified, and thoroughly entertained as you embark on a journey through a realm of oddities and curiosities that will leave you both thrilled and captivated.

September 29 – October 28, 2023


Brace yourself for heart-pounding performances that will push the boundaries of possibility! Witness the breathtaking artistry of contortionists as they contort their bodies into unimaginable shapes, blurring the lines between human capability and artistic expression. And be awestruck by the mesmerizing display of fire manipulation that will leave you spellbound, as a skilled performer dances with flames in a symphony of light and heat.


  • Theater of the Oddities
  • Doc Terminus’ Odditorium
  • Mythical Shift: A Howling Transformation


There are many exhibits throughout the museum providing an immersive experience like never before! Dare to venture into the unknown as you explore our carefully curated exhibits of the bizarre, the enigmatic, and the extraordinary. From artifacts that defy explanation to peculiar specimens that challenge the limits of your imagination, Fright at the Museum promises an unforgettable encounter with the unconventional.


  • Skeleton’s Ball
  • Mingo Monster Mash
  • Cemetery Secrets
  • Insectarium
  • Web Town
  • Unfaithful Friends Cemetary
  • Portrait Passage: Faces of Terror
  • Lights, Camera, No Action: The Taxidermy Art of Bea Ostrowska
Eats & Drinks


Step into the shadows and immerse yourself in the allure of the night where darkness and decadence intertwine. Indulge in the mystique of vampire lore as you enter a realm of intoxicating ambiance and tantalizing flavors.Unearth the extraordinary with our signature blood bag cocktails, meticulously crafted to satiate your senses.

Sip on rich, crimson elixirs that transport you to a world where mortals and immortals coexist.


Enter a world of magic, mystery, and a dash of the macabre at Coven & Cauldron – the ultimate witches’ pub experience! From enchanting concoctions to brews, this is where the supernatural and the extraordinary converge.

Step into our dimly lit pub and embrace the mystic energy that surrounds you, whether you’re a curious mortal or a practicing witch.

Unforgettable Night of Chills

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a curious explorer, or simply someone who revels in the extraordinary, Fright at the Museum promises a night of entertainment that will send shivers down your spine. Bring your friends, family, or dare to venture solo – this is an experience that will unite all who seek the unknown and revel in the unusual.

Purchase your Member Pass today and enjoy unlimited visits to City Museum through all of 2024, plus Fright at the Museum and Weirdly Wonderful Holidays! Or purchase a general admission ticket and join us for a night that will leave you amazed, bewildered, and thoroughly entertained!

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