Curiosity's Playground


There are no maps of City Museum. And, if there were, they wouldn’t help for long. Things are always changing as the artists dream up new ways to draw you into their work. We are happy to highlight some of the most obvious installations, but there are dozens more hidden beneath the floors, behind the walls, and hanging just over your head. Let gravity be your friend: start at the top.

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From time to time, the artists of City Museum and their friends from around the world have something special they want to show off. Unless otherwise noted, these exhibitions are free. City Museum curators will often hint at the general appropriateness of the material for various ages, but the final decision is yours.

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Buy Stuff

The Gift Shop, located behind the Ticket Window, sells knee pads to savvy incoming visitors and all the usual sorts of souvenirs to departing ones. It is also the place to find jewelry and other accessories made by local artists we admire. When there are left-over pieces of an installation the Gift Shop has them for sale.

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Dining & Drinks

City Museum does not generally allow outside food and drink. That’s because there are so many places inside that you will like much better.

Like the installations and many of the exhibits in City Museum, our drinking and dining choices are generally idiosyncratic and mostly locally-favored.  St. Louis has been a world beer capital since Prohibition was abolished and over the past decade has developed a national reputation among foodies. There’s something different on every floor… even the roof. 

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For many years, the roof of City Museum was its artists’ secret hideaway. They would climb the 189 stairs from the first floor to think, to rest, to be inspired. They installed some of their favorite things on the roof, including a school bus and giant praying mantis. It is a secret no more. And there are also two elevators.