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Things to Know

Know before you go.

When we say we have something for everyone — we mean it! City Museum is full of fun for all ages and interests. The only thing you need is an active imagination (and maybe a pair of kneepads; find them in the gift shop).

Check out the guides below to get more information about your upcoming visit.

Safety First

Please read our policies before planning your visit.

Helicopter parents, beware! At City Museum, we encourage kids — and parents — to explore tunnels, slides, twists and turns. While we consider getting lost in play a good thing, here are some tips to making your visit as fun as possible:

Pick a meeting spot. 

May we recommend the giant whale on the first floor? A spot everyone can find makes a great place to reconnect.  

Go along for the ride. 

Many of our slides travel between floors — the best way to stick together is to go along for the ride! But please, always slide one at a time and stay clear of the landing. 

Have fun!!

City Museum unleashes the power of play! We encourage everyone to get lost and find something new. 

Label your littles. 

Wristbands are the perfect place to write a phone number in case your child needs it. 

Dress the part. 

If you plan to join in the climbing, sliding and crawling, comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes are highly recommended. 

And if you’re more of a hands-off parent? The bar is on the first floor. 

Whether you’re interested in art, history, architecture or Instagram opportunities, the City Museum is not just for kids. In fact, some of our special events are completely kid free. Here are a few tips for a fun visit at any age:  

Grab a drink.

For our 21+ guests, the 19th-century cabin on the first floor holds a full bar serving wine slushies and a wide selection of beer and spirits.

Admire art and architecture. 

Check out our gallery on the fourth floor to see work by renowned contemporary artists, or visit Architecture Hall on the third floor for a fascinating mix of salvaged architectural pieces. 

Raise the roof.  

Open March through October, our Rooftop offers a whole new view of Downtown St. Louis. Take a ride on our Big Eli Ferris Wheel, grab a local beer and enjoy your time. 

Attend a special event.

If you’re not into climbing and sliding (or are just looking for more ways to enjoy the museum), check out our events calendar to see what’s coming up next.

Take a tour. 

Our resident historian, Maria Cassilly, has created guided walking tours that highlight the history behind the objects that you may not have noticed before.

Sound like fun? Grab a ticket or membership today

City Museum offers endless entertainment for kids of all ages — even toddlers and teens. While many don’t need tips or tricks to make the most of their time at the museum, here are some tips to help:

Get lost. 

We believe in the freedom of play. It’s why City Museum exists. We invite kids to run, jump, slide, climb and enjoy their time in our weirdly wonderful space. 

Find more to explore. 

Whether it’s your first visit, or fiftieth, we guarantee there’s plenty to see. Start on a new floor or in a new tunnel and see where you end up.

Get found. 

We recommend identifying a meeting place and writing an adult’s phone number on kids’ wristbands before the fun begins.  

Keep the fun going. 

Our activity sheets extend the fun with guides to more local sculptures to find (and climb!) as well as word searches and scrambles, download them now.

We love hosting groups. 

Need more info? 

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